About Us

Founded in the fall of 2019, Jacksons Antique has rapidly grown to become a very sustainable antiques business located near Grantham, Lincolnshire UK. Amongst standing at trade fairs and operating on other websites such as 1stdibs.com and ebay.com the business has seen rapid growth from customers around the world via our own site giving us that extra visibility across what is already a very competitive market.

Our Antiques

“Beauty lies within the antiques”

At Jacksons Antique we offer a broad spectrum of decorative, Asian art & fine objects . This allows us to not only cater for a large audience but allows us to offer unique antiques than you may not see elsewhere.

One thing that can be promised is while you are in the company of Jacksons Antique, we will offer a professional bespoke service tailored to each individual and we will do our best to help with any questions or queries throughout the journey and ensure your items are looked after from the first click through to the delivery to your front door.

Meeting the man behind the scenes

Callum Jackson (Owner of Jacksons Antiques)

“Starting from a young age ‘wheeling and dealing’ has always been a part of my life. I started trading items at school which has now evolved and my passion for antiques has driven me to pursue a career in trading and selling high quality goods (after several years as a central heating engineer, only a small career change!) Ultimately summed up my job is to give people the enjoyment of the world’s history in artifacts, fine art and curious items whilst paying the bills at the same time, I believe there is no better job in the world than that!

So whilst you are reading this about us page and slowly starting to yawn please move onto the much more exciting buying antiques tab even just to have a browse and drop us an email to say hello. Please do remember we are human and occasionally mistakes are made. Whilst we try our upmost to avoid them please let us know if you spot something. Every day is a school day especially when working with antiques! When you have satisfied the craving for antiques please sign up to our newsletter for a sneak preview of what we have been up to, incoming stock and of course don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram and then come back very, very soon!

A special mention and thanks to Nick Hayward at FCS websites for the bespoke built website and to everyone for viewing the site, we really appreciate your business. Any feedback is always welcomed via the contact us page.

Featured Antique

Genryusai Seiya 源龍斎誠谷造

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