Family, Mental Health, Careers & I

It’s rare I write about myself or family matters but it’s important to express your own journey. The good, bad and the ugly. It helps us all develop and grow as individuals. This entry isn’t talking directly about antiques, but more of a personal touch and that is what my business is about, seeing that […]

To be or not to be.. Online?

Todays entry is going to be a slight deviation from the traditional news and information found on our other posts. I wanted to incorporate some technology and bring the conversation (unusually) to the 21st century and try to answer the question, how important is an online presence? Upon first thoughts the answer is simple, at […]

Antiques & Antiquities

It’s curious to say that if you were to survey a substantial amount of people asking the question of what they would consider antique you would get a vast array of responses. Here at Jacksons Antique its commonly known that this can be interpreted in many, many different ways but we wanted to give an […]

A Well Carved Lesson

Arguably one of the more recognisable types of wood carving, Black Forest carvings are known all over the world and are to this day highly desirable. In today’s article I thought it would be beneficial to answer some of the regular misconceptions with Black Forest and give an insight to the history. After all, here […]

A Ticket Without Numbers

In everyday life people buy and sell items and its fair to say without it we wouldn’t be able to survive. In the antiques trade this is the bread and butter of everyone’s business but how likely is winning the lottery? Well statistically you have around a 1 in 45 million chance, yes you are […]

The Qing & I

The Qing dynasty, officially known as the Great Qing was the last imperial dynasty of China. It was established in 1636 but did not take full reign over China proper until 1644 in which 9 Emperors established rule through to 1912. Preceded by the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) and succeeded by the Republic of China (1912-1949) […]