Jacksons Antique June 2023 Newsletter

Jacksons Antique June 2023 Newsletter

June 1st 2023


Front profile of the oversized rouge marble carriage clock

Oversized French Rouge Marble Carriage Clock Compendium

Welcome Friends

June 23′
Summer is on the Way!

As we march into June we are starting to see the summer weather on the horizon, we have struck the BBQ up for the first time and enjoyed the sunshine over the bank holiday weekend and managed to get up to Filey in North Yorkshire for a few days. We had a lovely evening walking on the beech and I also managed persuade Kayleigh that we needed to drop by Filey’s antique centre quickly. Sadly I didn’t come away with anything this time!

We are back and restocked from a very successful Petworth Park Art & Antique Fair. I would like to personally thank everyone who attended the fair and bought from us at Jacksons Antique. It was a first time for us and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful grounds of Petworth Park. We met a bunch of new clients and really enjoyed catching up with everyone who managed attend from our invitations. Thank you all so much for your business, we hope to see you all next year!

This month we have added several new objects to our collection including two ‘Bug Bears‘ which have attracted a huge amount of attention due to their interesting origin. These type of carved objects were crafted by European Sailors on their sea voyages to the East / West Indies in the late 18th to the early 19th century. They were carved from green coconut shells in relief and often featured scenes with flowers, animals and people. The ‘Bug Bears’ would have an opening to one end and would often be used as powder flasks with a form of stopper to stop the powder falling out. Generally the Bug Bears would have been carved by French, English, Portuguese or Spanish crusaders and even Prisoners of War (POW) would carve them, often French POW with depictions of Napoleon. We have two pieces that we have just added to our collection one with hunting scenes and a lion mouth and the second with a central crest and a floral border.

We would love to feature your purchases from Jacksons Antique on our instagram page. Please send us a picture to see your items featured on our wall over @JacksonsAntique

How can you tell you’re getting old?

When you go to an antique auction and three people bid on you.





Latest Acquisitions

Overview of the porcelain Vienna tea caddy


Antique Vienna 19th Century Porcelain Tea Caddy

Overview of the grey stone south East Asian head


Unusual Antique Grey Stone South East Asian Carved Head

Overview of the Mastiff figure


Antique Austrian Terracotta Recumbent Mastiff Dog

Overview of the bug bear


Antique 18th Century Bug Bear Powder Flask

Overview of the fencing bronze figure


Antique French ‘Le Duel’ Bronze Group

Overview of the opaline vases


Antique French Violet Opaline Ormolu Mounted Vase Pair




In The Spotlight

Overview of the Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Processional Vase by Kizan

Antique Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Processional Vase


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