Jacksons Antique May 2023 Newsletter

Jacksons Antique May 2023 Newsletter

May 1st 2023


Overview of the Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase Ando Company

Japanese Ando Company Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Tulip Vase

Welcome Friends

May 23′

Coronation Week

Five months into 2023 (which is flying by for us) and with summer soon approaching we are anticipating one of the most important weekends since the passing of her royal highness Queen Elizabeth the II that of course being the Kings coronation. The world will watch as the crown of St Edward is placed upon the head of King Charles III who will be seated in Coronation Chair, known as Edward’s Chair.

Did you know…. 

  • Only three British monarchs have not had a coronation. Edward V (1470-1483), Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554) and  Edward VIII (1894-1972)
  • The Royal coronation spoon dating to the 12th century is the only piece of royal goldsmiths’ work to survive from that century. Not only that but it has survived multiple conflicts including the English Civil war when Oliver Cromwell ordered the destruction of all the coronation regalia
  • Coronations have been held at Westminster Abbey for over 950 years
  • At the age of 73 King Charles III is the oldest person in British History to ascent to the throne beating King William IV (1765-1837) by 9 years
With the coronation ceremony taking place on the 6th of May we hope you all have a wonderful long weekend celebrating the new King of England, we are already seeing much of the country getting ready for celebrations with decorations already popping up in the form of flags and traditional English bunting.

In terms of Jacksons Antique we have a selection of newly acquired items that we have just added to our collection, we have a selection of carved wood items including a beautiful Swiss Black Forest laying retriever and a Black Forest type tobacco jar carved as a rotund nobleman both dating around 1900. We also have added Sarrancolin marble tazza urn to our collection which has fantastic colours showing deep reds, silver and pink, a beautiful country house piece with a central bronze patinated stem. In our asian art collection we have a carved wood Okimono (decorative ornament) of a male with three rabbits, a humorous carving perfect for celebrating 2023 the year of the Rabbit dating to the Meiji period (1868-1912).

We are now only a few weeks away from our next fair in the calendar the Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair. The fair boasts over 60 highly regarded dealers selling objects from Asian art to jewellery.  Hard copy tickets will be going out to our address list this next week so please do keep an eye on the post for the tickets. If you are not in our address book and would like to visit the event please do send us an email with your postal address and we will be more than happy to provide complimentary tickets to the event. The tickets will give free access to the fair for the full three days and it will also give free access to Petworth House and park during the three days. For further information on Petworth house please see the national trust website.

Finally we wanted to give a push to our social channels, please do give us a follow on instagram if you are a social media user and do not yet follow us. Our page @JacksonsAntique is easy to find via any search and our logo is featured as our profile photograph. Much like the rest of our business we are very serious about antiques but very light hearted in life, we like to add a bit of fun to the page and make people smile while doing what we love. If you are not on social media we thank you very much for all your continued support and hope you enjoy the newsletter.


We now have just over a month until we will be attending the highly anticipated Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair and cannot wait to welcome you all to the fair in our first time exhibiting. We can confirm that we will be exhibiting on stand 12 which is located to the right hand side as you enter.

Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair 19th-21st of May held within the grounds of the stunning National Trust property Petworth House and Park, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 0QY. For further information please contact us via our website or via email.

For more information regarding any of the fairs including complimentary tickets please go to jacksonsantique.co.uk or contact us directly.

We would love to feature your purchases from Jacksons Antique on our instagram page. Please send us a picture to see your items featured on our wall over @JacksonsAntique

Took my kids to the dinosaur museum today,

I spent the whole day looking up at the giant sculptures and discovered a new species….






Latest Acquisitions

Overview of the two stands


Antique Japanese Meiji Period Shakudo Stands

Overview of the vase


Antique Grand Tour Sarrancolin Marble Tazza Urn

Front profile of the Japanese carving


Antique Japanese Meiji Period Carved Okimono Figure

Overview of the dog carving


Antique Swiss Black Forest Laying St. Bernard Carving

Front overview of the French Renaissance Revival Pot Pourri Vase


Antique French Renaissance Revival Bronze Pot Pourri Vase

Front view of the tobacco jar


Antique Swiss Black Forest Nobleman Tobacco Jar




In The Spotlight

Overview of the Japanese Meiji Period Damascene Box attributed to the Komai Company

Antique Japanese Meiji Period Inlaid Box Attributed to Komai Company


Komai Dish with Signature on display on the front

Insight | The Komai Company Japan