Makers & Retailers

Prosper LeCourtier

Prosper LeCourtier (1851-1924) was born in Gremilly, North-East France in 1855. He trained under the direction of the highly regarded Animalier sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet where he learned to hone his talents as a sculpture.

Eugene Delaplanche

Eugene Delaplanche (1836-1891)  was a French sculptor born in Belleville, Paris. He was a pupil of Francisque Joseph Duret.

Edward Barnard and Sons

Edward Barnard and Sons (1680-1977) was a firm of British silversmiths with origins dating back to 1680.


Alfred Dunhill (1872–1959) founded Dunhill after he inherited the family saddlery business on Euston Road, London at the age of 21 developing a line of automobile accessories called “Dunhill’s Motorities”.

H Gladenbeck and Sohn *

H Gladenbeck and Sohn was arguably the most important German foundry of the period operating in Berlin from 1851-1926.

Hermann Otto Haase-Ilsenburg

Hermann Otto Haase-Ilsenburg (German, 1879-1960) was a German sculptor known for his exceptional talent and contributions to the field of sculpture.

Aktien-Gesellschaft Gladenbeck

Aktien-Gesellschaft Gladenbeck was founded in 1851 in Berlin, Germany. The business operated under its founder Carl Gustav Hermann Gladenbeck.

Oskar Theodor Garvens

Oskar Theodor Garvens (1874-1951) was a German born sculptor and caricaturist educated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.

H. Luppens & Cie

H. Luppens & Cie were a famous foundry from Brussels, Belguim operating in the 19th century. The H.Luppens & Cie Foundry had its workshops in Saint-Gilles, 15 rue de Danemark.

Emmanuel Frémiet

Emmanuel Frémiet (1824-1910) was a Parisian sculptor famous for his sculpture of Joan of Arc in Paris and the monument to Ferdinand de Lesseps in Suez.

Komai Company

The Komai family workshop was opened in 1841 by Komai Seibei who had three sons Komai Yoshitaka, Komai Yoshihiro, and Komai Otojiro.

Joseph Ash I

Joseph Ash I was a London silversmith apprenticed to Roger Biggs of the Glovers Company from 1793. He had two sons, James and Joseph II.

Vienna Porcelain

Vienna Porcelain was founded in 1718 by Claude du Paquier and was in production until 1864. It was Europes second oldest porcelain factory after Meissen.

Imperial Amphora

The Amphora factory was located in Turn-Teplitz, Austria (now in the Czech Republic) was founded in 1892 by Riessner, Stellmacher and Kessel.

Fuji Yoshitoyo

Fujii Yoshitoyo was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1868 and a fourth generation metal worker of first rank employing over 200 people at the height of his career mainly exporting to Europe and America.

Elkington and Co.

Elkington and Co. was founded by George Richards Elkington and his cousin, Henry Elkington, in the 1830s as G. R. Elkington & Co. operating independently for over one hundred years as Elkington & Co. from 1861 until 1963.

Karl Griesbaum

Karl Griesbaum (1872-1941) was founded in 1905 originally producing clock parts. They became the dominant producer of singing bird boxes in the 20th century until they closed in 1988.

Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik WMF

WMF was founded in 1853 by Daniel Straub in Geislingen an der Steige a town in Southern Germany. Originally the firm was named Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer and was opened as a metal repairing workshop.