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Alexander Macrae

Alexander Macrae was the founder of the firm that went on to be C J Vander Ltd. Macrae was recorded at 32 Bow Street, Covent Garden, London in September 1856. He was joined in partnership by Martin Goldstein c. 1870, whereupon the style of the firm was changed to Macrae & Goldstein which was first listed in 1871 as a silversmith. Alexander Macrae supplied many of the great firms at that time such as Elkington, Harry Emanuel, Hunt & Roskell and Widdowson & Veale. In 1878 the partnership was dissolved and later, in 1886, the company was sold to Cornelius Joshua Vander (1837-1904) – C J Vander Ltd who was the former apprentice at Macrae & Goldstein. It was Vander and then his sons, who developed the business and turned it into a limited liability company expanding its activity and reputation across the world. C.J. Vander Ltd still remains in business today.