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Antoine-Louis Barye

Antoine-Louis Barye was born in Paris in 1795 and was thought to have lived his entire life in Paris and never left France throughout his life. He was a self tought in the liberal arts and initially trained under his father a goldsmith in Lyon. He went onto train with Martin-Guillaume Biennais (active 1800-1832) master goldsmith to Napoleon, fine arts sculptor François-Joseph Bosio (1768-1845) and painter Baron Gros (1771-1835). Throughout his career Barye won a host of awards and made multiple commissions for the French government. Barye was the leading sculptor in the French group of artists known as Les Animaliers and a leading sculptor in France throughout his career. Barye passed away in 1875, and after an elaborate funeral to signal his high artistic stature Barye was buried at Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.