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Henry Dasson


Henry Dasson (c. 1825–1896) was a French born metalwork and cabinet maker, begging his career as a bronze sculptor Dasson had a superior knowledge of metalwork which gave him the cutting edge over other cabinetmakers of the period who apprenticed as cabinetmakers initially. His knowledge of bronze work allowed for a high quality finish and more precise chiselling of the ormolu mounts applied to his furniture. He initially opened his Paris workshop at 106 rue Vieille-du-Temple after the death of renowned cabinetmaker Charles-Guillaume Winckelsen. He bought the remaining stock along with the flourishing business that remained from Winckelson’s widow. It has been theorised that Dasson learned much of his craft in chiselling from Winckelsen.

Close up of the Henry Dasson 1880 makers mark and date

Dasson went on to spend a career specialising in 18th century designs with Dasson’s personal modified specifications and copies of Louis XIV, XV and XVI furniture. At the 1878 and 1889 Paris Expositions Universelles, Dasson exhibited a number of pieces in this style in 1878 Dasson included a table made entirely in gilt-bronze which was purchased by Lord Dudley and, his copy of the celebrated Bureau du Roi sold at the same exhibition to Lady Ashburton. He received a Grand Prix Artistique for his excellent display.

Dasson completely ceased production in 1894 and chose to hold a sale of his models which were listed in ‘Catalogues of drawings for art bronzes, style furniture and important decoration with rights of reproduction by Henry Dasson et Cie, manufacturer of art bronzes and cabinetmaker as a result of cessation of production..’. Records from the sale that Dasson held show that highly regarded cabinet makers such as Paul Sormani, Joseph Emmanuel Zweiner, Maison Millet and Beurdeley acquired drawings and models by Dasson.

Overview of the French Pair of Henry Dasson Candelabras

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