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Komai Company

The Komai family workshop was opened in 1841 in Kyoto by Komai Seibei who was a known sword fittings maker. He had three sons named Komai Yoshitaka, Komai Yoshihiro, and Komai Otojiro. It is believed that in the early 1850’s Seibei developed a technique of damascene named Nunome Zogan. Komai originally used this technique to decorate his crafted weaponry and fittings which were made and sold at the forefront of the Komai business. In 1855 at the age of thirteen, the third son Komai Otojiro had begun to study inlay techniques with Misaki Shushuke a sword-fitting artisan from Higo (present day Kumamoto). During the same period, he established his own company on the adjacent street to his father. Otojiro’s father passed away in 1961 and his two other sons, Yoshitaka and Yoshihiro became sole proprietors of the S. Komai workshop. For an in-depth look at the Komai family please see our Insight series The Komai Company Japan.