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Lenzkirch (Aktiengesellschaft für Uhrenfabrikation Lenzkirch) was founded in 1851 in the village of Lenzkirch, Baden, South Germany by Eduard Hauser who had trained in France and Switzerland. Hauser was born on 21 August 1825 and gained experience of making music boxes with Johann George Schopperle. During this same period he gained a knowledge of metalworking, precision work and the design of musical instruments, as well as a proficiency in the composing of music.
The firm acquired a reputation for building particularly fine regulators. Up to the 1920s it still produced regulators with compensated pendulums and precision movements. The firm was later taken over by Junghans a German watch and clock manufacturer. The Lenzkirch factory closed down in 1932 due to a huge demise of demand for wall regulators, in todays market the manufacture can fetch a reasonable figure if the clock is of particular rarity or unusual design.