Makers & Retailers - Reuge


Reuge was founded by Charles Reuge in 1865 a watchmaker from the Val-de-Travers. Reuge moved to Sainte-Crox and initially started his business with pocket watch having musical movements. in 1886 the son of Charles , Albert opened a music box counter in Sainte-Croix evolving the business from a basic manufacture to a fully operational business. After many years of success the Reuge company built a larger factory in 1930 based in rue des Rasses in Sainte-Croix. In 1960 Reuge acquired the first manufacturing machinery which allowed for a more efficient workforce. Reuge then took over the manufacturing and marketing of singing birds in 1960 from Bontems firm in Paris, Eschle in 1977, Melodies SA, Thorens disc boxes in 1985, Lador, 18-note movements maker 1986 and finally Cuendet, Cuckoo movements in 1991. Since 1865 Reuge has gained over 155 years of expertise in the Music Box industry and are quite easily the leading manufacture and one of the very few left in the market today. Reuge now aim at the luxury market and manufacture high end music boxes still based at their manufacturing plant in Sainte-Crox.