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Saratani Tomizo

Saratani Tomizo (b.1949) began his career in the 1960s, apprenticing under lacquer artists Saratani Katsuzo, his father, and Suzuki Masaya. He joined the Kyoto lacquer firm Zohiko in 1971. From 1975-1981 Saratani worked in Vienna as a restorer and lecturer in the Austrian National Museum of Applied Arts. He participated in the Vienna World Craft Exhibition in 1981. Between the 1980s – 1990s Saratani lived in London and Chicago, producing both his own work and working as an expert restorer. He returned to Japan, founding the lacquer company Kuri in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, in 2009. Saratani is a superb practitioner of traditional Japanese lacquer styles and forms and is still living today. Tomizo the master craftsman that he is bares the weight of Japan on his shoulders as one of the few capable of performing such quality works using traditional methods and all his pieces demand exceedingly high values when sold.