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Vienna Porcelain

Vienna porcelain is a porcelain manufacturer in Alsergrund in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 1718 and continued production until 1864. The firm was Europe’s second-oldest porcelain factory after Meissen, and for 25 years the two remained the only European producers. Initially Vienna porcelain was founded by Claude du Paquier and owned privately. Paquier was an official of the Viennese Imperial court. In 1744 it was rescued from financial difficulties when it was bought by the Empress Maria Theresa, and thereafter remained an asset of Empress Theresa.

The wares from the earlier, private period before 1744 are the most sought-after today and demand the highest value due to the fact they were produced in lower numbers, they often are referred to as Du Paquier porcelain. The other high point, and, perhaps the factory’s most glamorous period was from 1784 to 1805 when a variety of innovative wares in Neoclassical styles were produced.