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Yabu Meizan  藪 明山

Yabu Meizan 藪 明山 (1853-1934) was born in Nagahori, Osaka the Japanese island of Honshu. Meizan opened his workshop in 1880 and began to employ and train artists to decorate wears bought form the kiln of Chin Jukan in Satsuma province. Meizan became known for his involvement in many different Exhibitions first winning a bronze medal in 1885 at the Fourteenth Kyoto Exhibition. Meizan also features in exhibitions drawn from the Khalili Collections and multiple museums.During a visit to Meizan’s workshop, the American art museum founder Charles Parsons in his book Notes of a Trip around the World in 1894 and 1895 quotes “He is very celebrated. He had 17 men and boys at work, all decorating. He makes the designs and watches them carefully in executing the work. Some are very wonderful workers. All is order, neatness and silence, no words spoken.” Over his lifetime Yabu Meizan has left a legacy of being probably the most well known and talented Satsuma artist of the Meiji Period (1868-1912) his pieces are highly collectable and are strong in the market.