Novelty Silver

Novelty Silver

June 28th 2022

When talking about antiques it’s often the presumption that pieces are of high value, often more than what one would deem acceptable as a gift. With novelty silver however there really is a piece for everyone be it a sports fan, a romantic, a botanist and everything in between. Prices range from a few pounds well into the thousands but let’s start at the beginning.

Pair Bulgari Silver & Gold Dice

What is Novelty Silver?

Novelty silver is an object made from silver that is often humorous and/or animated with its primary function to entertain. They are popular due to their uniqueness and often are quite small meaning they are easily placed within the home or easy to carry when travelling.

History of Novelty Silver

Although novelty silver was partially seen in the Georgian era and earlier. Massive expansion of the economy during the Victorian era paved way for what was regarded as the golden age for the middle class. During this time silversmiths soon realised there was a huge gap in the market for novelty gifts due to much of the population having spare income. They soon capitalized on the occasion by crafting unique objects out of previously boring subjects, vesta cases became animals, scent bottles were designed as boats and baby rattles would incorporate characters thus creating an abundance of novelty silver that we have today. Although times have moved forward and fashions have changed, these objects can be used for different things today and still carry the same humorous appeal.


Silver Duelling Pistols Pill Box & Violin

Novelty Silver Gift Ideas

Now we know the history it’s onto the good part, gift ideas. If you are looking for the one-off special gift that is unique and carries its own history, or maybe struggling to find something for that one person that is difficult to buy for then novelty silver certainly a good place to start. There are many different makers, subjects, and values to suit all budgets and styles, often finding the right one can be tricky or even overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. Whether it be a festive gift, a christening or wedding gift you really can get something for everyone. Personally, when looking to purchase a novelty silver piece, I would recommend narrowing down your field to the subject and your budget, from here you can search online, at antique fairs and antique centres. Just ask to be pointed in the direction of novelty silver!