Antique French Bronze Figure

Henri-Geoffroy de la Planche de Ruillé

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    Young amazon performing a Spanish step

    From our Sculpture collection, we are pleased to offer this beautifully cast Antique French Bronze figure of a Maiden upon Horseback. The Antique French Bronze figure highly detailed showing a maiden classically dressed riding side saddle whilst holding the reins performing the Spanish step. The Horse stood upon a raised naturalistic bronze plinth with curved corners features a braided mane with tied bows and fitted reins for the rider to control the horse. The bronze is of exceptional casting quality with a superb brown patination throughout and all the original fixtures. The Bronze Figure is signed to the rear of the horse on the base C te G de Ruille (Comet Henri-Geoffroy de la Planche de Ruillé) and dates to the late 19th century circa 1880.

    Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper with approximately 12–12.5% tin and often with the addition of other metals (including aluminium, manganese, nickel, or zinc) and sometimes non-metals, such as phosphorus, or metalloids such as arsenic or silicon depending on the age of the bronze and its origin. The additions of other metals produce a range of alloys that are usually harder than copper alone and carry useful properties such as strength. The earliest known use of bronze dates to the 5th millennium BCE from Iranian plateau, the bronze mix consists of arsenical copper and copper-arsenide. The earliest tin-copper-alloy recovered is dated to circa 4650 BCE and was found in Plocnik, Serbia. It is believed to have been smelted from a natural tin-copper ore.

    Henri-Geoffroy de la Planche de Ruillé (1842 – 1922) was a French Sculptor born in 1842, Ruillé was not only a talented sculptor but also an experienced horseman. A painting by René Princeteau (1849-1914) which is now located in the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi, France named ‘Le Comte Geoffroy de Ruillé chassant à courre avec son fils à ses côtés’ (Count Geoffroy de Ruillé hunting with his son at his side), shows him confidently galloping across a field. The majority of Ruillé’s sculptures were equestrian themed. His admiration for ladies that were able to hunt side saddle is obvious in this composition, where the graceful rider is ably perched on the side of the saddle while performing the Spanish step. Ruille exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1884 until 1921 and all of his submissions were of equestrian theme with all his bronzes cast in small limited editions. The sculptor also produced a bronze equestrian model of Emperor Nicholas II in 1900, of which an example came to auction at Sotheby’s, New York, 21 April 2008, lot 58. The sculpture onto sell for $27,000.

    Antique a collectable object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its age and quality. Objects of this nature are generally considered antique at 100 plus years of age.

    Measurements 47cm High x 52cm Long x 14.5 Wide

    Condition Excellent antique condition

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