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French Limoges Enamel

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    Belle Epoque Circa 1880

    From our Decorative collection, we are pleased to offer this pair of Antique French Limoges Enamel Vases. The French Limoges vases with central oval bodies mounted with tapered flared top and bottom rims each extensively decorated to the centre body with a central female figure in victorian style dress in a courtyard with a floral landscape with buildings in the background. The top and bottoms with a striking green enamel work with silver and gold coloured flowers. Signed in the lower section of the body ‘Charley’. We firmly attributed the vases to French enamel firm Limoges due to their composition and quality. The French Limoges Vases are dated to the late 19th century Belle Epoque period circa 1875.

    Limoges enamel has been produced at the city of Limoges, in south-western France, over several centuries up to the present. There are two periods when it was of European importance. From the 12th century to the late 14th century there was a large industry producing objects decorated with champlevé enamel. Most of the survivals, which are estimated to be around 7,500 pieces and probably most of the original production are religious objects.

    After a gap of a century, the industry revived in the late 15th century specializing in the technique of painted enamel and within a few decades making rather more decorative objects than religious. In the French Renaissance it was the leading centre, with several dynastic workshops, who often signed, or punch marked their work. Luxury pieces such as plates, plaques and ewers were painted with sophisticated Mannerist decoration of pictorial figure scenes, which on vessels were surrounded by elaborate borders.

    In both periods the largest pieces include narrative scenes. These exemplify the styles of their respective periods. In the medieval champlevé the action is simply and directly shown by a few figures, with patterned backgrounds. In the Mannerist painted pieces numerous figures and detailed backgrounds tend to overwhelm the activity of the main figures.

    After a decline from about 1630 and later competition from porcelain, high-quality production revived in the mid-19th century, and adopted Art Nouveau and other contemporary styles, with a relatively small production.

    Belle Epoque is a period of French, Belgian and European history. It began in the early 1870’s and to ended with the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

    Antique a collectable object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its age and quality. Objects of this nature are generally considered antique at 100 plus years of age.

    Measurements 16.5cm High x 5.8cm Wide (6.5 x 2.28 Inches)

    Condition Excellent, No damage & No restoration.

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