Austrian Patinated Bronze Bulldog

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Austrian patinated bronze English Bulldog. The Bulldog realistically cast with exceptional detail stood in the typical bulldog pose with stout body, shoulders wide and under bite jawline exposing the bottom layer of its teeth. Circa 1890 this piece is unsigned but bears the quality of a Bergman figure and likely to be from the factory.

Lot Notes: A bronze sculpture is a piece of art made by pouring molten bronze into a mould, before leaving it to solidify. Once solidified the mould is removed and you are left with a piece of bronze sculpture. The quality of each bronze can differ depending on the technique used and the detail of the mould. Bronze is an alloy metal made from a combination of 88% copper and 12% tin.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 10.3cm High x 19cm Long x 8.9cm Wide