Chinese Jadeite Dragon Rhyton

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Fine 18th/19th century Qianlong-Jaiqing russet Jade Dragon Rhyton/libation cup of archaistic design. The Rhyton decorated throughout with a chilong carved handle and scrolling motifs to the exterior, dark green in colour with russet inclusions. The inside smooth with signs of use, to the base of the cup a later mounted continental 925 silver base with wave motifs to the outside matching the jade. The Jade mounted on a later 19th/20th century silver base stamped and hallmarked.

Lot Notes: Russet – Jade which contains dark inclusions known as russet and/or russet jade which early jade carvers would often work into the design.

Measurements: 8.3cm High × 5.4cm Wide ×14.3 cm Long

Condition: Excellent, no damage or restoration.