Chinese Silver & Enamel Jewellery Box

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Fine early 20th century Chinese silver and enamel jewellery box. The box of rectangular shape with rounded edges decorated extensively with multiple shades of blues and greens with silver filigree, floral scenes and birds throughout. Each side with bordered scene showing complicated enamel wirework subjects. The top of the box with a carved tiger eye stone centre piece with a ribbed rope like surround. The hinged lid lifts towards the top revealing a plain but encompassing silver gilt to the interior. The base signed with the embossed words made in China and silver.

Lot Notes:Filigree is usually made from gold or silver. Is is the commonly a combination of tiny beads and/or twisted threads soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. It often suggests lace and remains very popular in Asian metalwork.

Condition: Very good, wear constant with age only.

Measurements: 6cm H x 11cm W x 7cm D