Fine Drum Shaped Cigarette Box


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Fine and Rare 19th century brass drum shaped cigarette box. The cylindrical box modelled as a highly ornate regiment drum with brass robe bindings. Engraved around the middle of the drum with elaborate scrolling foliage and flower patterns with a much tighter design to the top and bottom sections. To the base a silver coloured mother of pearl circular section simulating the drum skin. To the top of the box the lid is decorated with a porcelain plaque probably by Sevres, with a blue boarder meeting a gilded surround with a centre scene painted with cherubs, doves and flowers. To the interior a simple yet decorative lining meets the eye. A beige base with a threaded beading to the outside decorates every looped cigarette mount to the circumference of the box. The box is complete with the original key and six paper cigarette holders from Robert Lewis who is to this day widely regarded as one of the worlds greatest tobacconists titled Robert Lewis 19 St. Jame’s Street London S.W.1.

Lot Notes: Robert Lewis was the founder of the world renowned J.J.Fox cigar merchants with the business originally being named after himself. Robert Lewis began trading fine tobacco in St James’s Street London in 1787 in which he continued to do so until his death however the Robert Lewis cigar merchants continued to run until the present day. On the 14th of September 1992 the J James Fox tobacco shop in Ireland which had amassed a similar reputation acquired Robert Lewis uniting two of the most respected names in the cigar world. In time the company name was changed to JJ Fox (St James’s) Ltd and success continued to grow and stores can be found in both Harrods and Selfridges in London today.

Condition: Excellent, very minor age related wear.

Measurements: 12.8cm H x 13.3cm D/W