Essex Crystal Silver Jewellery Box


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Fine 19th century Austrian essex crystal game birds silver jewellery. The box of plain form with wooden liners topped by a large Essex crystal life like subject of a pheasant and partridge feeding in the wild amongst trees upon a mother of pearl background. Stamped with silver marks and makers name M. Hurner Wien, marked with the Austrian silver stamp ‘2 Head A’ for 1872 900/1000 silver along with other rubbed silver marks.

Lot Notes: Essex crystals are also known as ‘reverse intaglios’. They are a cabochon of colourless rock quartz that has been carved on the flat side after which the details of the design are painted creating a three dimensional effect.Originally, reverse intaglio were made from rock crystal and were very popular between 1860-1930. The rock crystal is shaped into its cabochon form and the image is drawn on the reverse side in watercolour paints. A scribe pencil and as many as 250 different soft steel tools in combination with a paste made out of diamond powder and oil are used to carve the image. After the design is carved in, the detail is painted in using very fine brushes.

Condition: Excellent, silver marks rubbed from polishing.

Measurements: 4.5cm High x 12cm Wide x 8.6cm Deep