French Articulated Artist Mannequin

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French 19th century articulated artist mannequin. The mannequin carved in walnut with brass and iron joints at every major limb allowing excellent movement for modelling. This particular mannequin slightly more uncommon due to it being carved with one closed fist and one open palm instead of the more common figures having both hands open. To the rear a central impressed mark reading Maquette Francaise sur Armature Articulee/Brevetée S.G.D.G/Paris B Déposée which translates to French Model on Articulated Frame Patented S.G.D.G Paris B Deposee. Paris B Déposée is an indication that the Mannequin was crafted and probably sold by Bourgeois Ainé, an artist supply shop located in Paris near the Musée du Louvre.

Lot Notes: Brevetée S.G.D.G was a French patent that was closed in 1968. The name was a common abbreviation for Brevetée Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement translated too patent without government guarantees.

Bourgeois Ainé – A well known commercial artist supply shop. Before opening the store in 1867, its founder François Alexandre Joseph Bourgeois (b.1830) had invented alizarin lacquer, which led to the production of some of the first nontoxic paints. By 1898, Bourgeois Ainé was operating out of a storefront located at 18, rue Croix des Petits Champs which later became 24, rue des Petits-Champs and was affiliated with three factories in the outskirts of Paris. The shop’s inventory expanded to include tubes of paint as well as a full array of artist supplies. In 1965, Bourgeois Ainé merged with Lefranc et Cie to become Lefranc Bourgeois which still exists today.

Lot Reference: For an exceptional example from the same maker please see Christies sale 17468 The Collector: English & European 18th & 19th Century Furniture, Ceramics, Silver & Works of Art Lot 111 October 15th 2019

Condition: Very Good – Excellent, use and age related wear throughout. Majority of joints very tight when in operation. Mannequin will stand alone.