French Champlevé Onyx Casket


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Fine 19th century French champlevé and onyx jewellery casket. The casket of rectangular form with four corner pillars, hinged lid and painted panel. The casket decorated extensively in multicoloured enamel work together with high quality metalwork. To each side an onyx tablet showing vaious shades of green with marbled veins. The top of the box fitted with a hand painted plaque depicting an artist and two female figures modelling wearing 18th century style dress surrounded by foliage and flowers signed Carle. To the front of the box a champlevé hinge with embossed registration number to the underside. When opened, the casket displays a reddish-purple velvet interior with etched metal work to the outsides.

Lot Notes: Champlevé – decorative metal and enamelwork formed by hollowing out the metal surface and filling the hollows with multiple coloured enamels to form extensive patterns. Champlevé work is commonly misinterpreted as cloisonne metalwork due to the visual presentation however they are different due to the techniques used. Cloisonne is made with thin strips of worked wired soldered onto the surface then filled with enamel rather than hollowed out. This is more commonly scene in oriental antiques, for an example please see here 

Condition: Good – Very Good, some minor faults to the champlevé.

Measurements: 11cm H x 21cm W x 16.8cm D