French Opaline Vase Pair


French Ormolu Mounted Glass Vases

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    From our glassware collection, we are delighted to offer this beautiful pair of French ormolu mounted opaline vases. The vases with splayed feet upon pinched bases with globular bodies and tapered necks decorated with a light violet hue. The vases mounted with exceptional quality ormolu mounts to the top rim and feet. The foot mounts with three shell motifs mounted upon the border. The vases dating to the late 19th century circa 1890.

    Opaline Glass, a milky hue glass which is made translucent or opaque by adding particular phosphates or oxides during the mixing the finish can be either white or coloured.

    Ormolu is the technique of applying finely ground, high-carat gold–mercury amalgam to an object of bronze. The mercury is driven off in a kiln leaving behind a gold coating. The French refer to this technique as bronze doré and in English it is often referred to as gilt bronze. It is a finishing technique which adds an overall gold look to any object without the massive cost and impracticality of making an object out of solid gold. Mercury was outlawed in the 1830’s in France however it was still used until the early 1900s.

    Measurements 22.5cm High x 7cm Diameter (8.86 x 2.76 Inches)

    Condition Excellent condition no damage.