French Ormolu Pressed Flower Photo Frame | 19th Century


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    Fine French late 19th century ormolu mounted photo frame. The frame beautifully cast with a gilded bronze scrolling patterned surround. The boarder sweeping across the top of the frame in three separate sections hinged from top to bottom between each panel. The ormolu boarding beautiful glass panels with pressed flowers and an oval glass window for displaying pictures. The Frame modelled as a room divider in small form.

    Notes | Ormolu is the technique of applying finely ground, high-carat gold–mercury amalgam to an object of bronze. The mercury is driven off in a kiln leaving behind a gold coating. The French refer to this technique as bronze doré and in English it is often referred to as gilt bronze. It is a finishing technique which adds an overall gold look to any object without the massive cost and impracticality of making an object out of solid gold. Mercury was outlawed in the 1830’s in France however it was still used until the early 1900s.

    Bronze is a metal alloy consisting of copper, about 12% tin and often other metals such as aluminium, manganese, nickel, or zinc and sometimes, non-metals such as phosphorus, arsenic and, silicon. The additions produce a range of alloys that are harder than copper alone and often have other useful properties such as strength, ductility, and/or machinability.

    Measurements | 34cm High x 43cm Wide x 2.5cm Deep (13.39 x 16.93 x 1 Inches)

    Condition | Excellent, No Damage