Fruitwood Lion Snuff Box | 18th Century

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    Fine and rare continental 18th century fruitwood snuff box. The snuff box formed as a recumbent Lion with its head up snarling with naive glass eyes, carved mane and long tail looped onto the lions back. To the underside an erotic base carved onto the snuff box hatch which opens on a hinge. The lion of exceptional form and patina throughout.

    Notes | Snuff Box Рa small, usually ornamented box for holding snuff (powdered tobacco). The practice of sniffing or inhaling a pinch of snuff was common in England around the 17th century. In the 18th century it became widespread in other countries and the demand for snuffboxes increased. Some were pocket sized and others were larger for table tops and sharing. Due to the demand craftsmen put a lot of time and effort into making decorative and desirable snuff boxes which showed a status of wealth. These boxes are now widely collected today.

    Measurements | 6.5cm High x 11cm Long x 5cm Deep (2.56 x 4.3 x 2 Inches)

    Condition | Untouched condition with a beautiful patina from 200+ years of use, Small crack below the lions head.