High Relief Indian Silver Goblet


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Fine 19th century oriental Indian solid silver goblet trophy cup. The goblet large in size cast in high relief in the traditional goblet shape with a large opening at the top on a double tapered stem with a ribbed centre down to a straight slightly smaller base. The piece crafted by well known Calcutta luxury goods maker Cooke & Kelvey has an extraordinary detail throughout with landscape hunting scenes to the base amongst trees foilage and greenery. Figures trap, spear and shoot prey with multiple different tools. To the top the scene wraps around the entire goblet displaying figures marching bearing gifts and food for royalty in a mythical city scape. The elders with walking sticks guiding children while royalty ride upon birds and are carried with workers below them. One royal figure seranaded with music, holding a whip disciplining the workers the other with bow and arrow. Signed by the maker with stamp and signature.

Lot Notes: Cooke & Kelvey was founded in 1858 by Robert Thomas Cooke and Charles Kelvey. They were Kolkata-based clock-makers, silversmiths, jewelers and were extremely popular during the later period of British India. Some of the notable Cooke and Kelvey clocks include those in the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, the Bhim Chandra Nag sweet shop in Kolkata, and the Fairlie Warehouse in Kolkata. C&K ceased to be watchmakers in the 1930s or thereabouts. As silversmiths, they have been and still remain front-end players in the luxury segment with their showroom in New Delhi. They are the first and oldest appointed Rolex retailers in India, since 1946.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 26.8cm H x 14cm W/D

Weight: 911 grams