Important Dresden Porcelain Tankard

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    Important oversized continental hand painted porcelain tankard probably by Dresden Germany. The tankard of exceptional form decorated extensively to the lid with encrusted flower boarders, cherub finial, nymph curved handle and royal portrait scent of Augustus II the Strong (August Rex) King of Poland. The tankard likely to have been a showcase exhibition piece displaying the talents of Helena Wolfsohn. Wolfsohn commonly used a copy of renowned Meissen painter Augustus Rex’s AR monogram until she was forced to stop by the competitor factory. Helena Woolfsohn was an outside decorator for Dresden in the 1870’s. Her work was typically decorated with pastoral scenes, inspired by the French artist Antoine Watteau and interspersed with panels of flowers.

    Lot Notes: Dresden is a porcelain factory in Freital near Dresden, Germany. It was founded in 1872 and still keeps alive the long tradition of European porcelain art. Dresden has been one of the leading manufactures of porcelain since it opened engulfing much of the opposition and uniforming its products under the same umbrella. Since 1902 Dresden Porcelain has a blue “SP Dresden” registered trademark. Dresden became known for its expertise in painting and was known to employ at least 40 different painters with multiple paint studios within and surrounding Dresden. The majority of the porcelain wears came from the Meissen factory in plain white and were considered ‘seconds’ after failing quality control within the Meissen production. The initial four Dresden company’s were as follows;

    Karl Richard Klemm – founded in 1869. The Klemm Dresden crown was registrered in the RWZR under number 24.

    Donath & Co – founded in 1872. The Donath Dresden crown was registered in the RWZR under number 25.

    Oswald Lorenz – a commission agent. The Lorenz Dresden crown was registered in the RWZR under number 26.

    Adolf Hamman – founded in 1866. The Hamman Dresden crown was registered in the RWZR under number 27

    Lot Reference | Notes | See a near identical tankard with a different subject realised $4500 Elite Auctioneers, 15th January 2019, Lot 8 “Huge Dresden Germany Cov’d Peter The Great Tankard” 

    Measurements | 41cm High x 24cm D x 28.5cm W

    Condition | Fair-Good, hairline to the base of the handle. Minor losses to the flowers which is very common with these pieces due to their fragile nature. No other damage and no restoration.