Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock Mirror Finish | Circa 1975

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    Fine Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clock circa 1970. The atmospheric clock beautifully presented in a gold coloured four glass with a gloss mirror finish. Renowned for the atmospheric movement the clock requires no winding or continued maintenence. Once running, the clock runs itself via differential atmospheric pressures within a sealed circular unit seen from the rear of the clock containing the bellows. A floating style pendulum swings moving the hands gently in this mesmerizing four glass clock. This particular timepiece is in excellent working condition after being fully serviced, stripped and cleaned throughout. The clock is numbered 407284 with movement caliber 528-8. To the rear an engraved message reads “Horace D Tyrus Buckeye Pipeline Company 40 Years Service 05-01-75.” Please note all Atmos clocks require precise set up and a level base to ensure they run correctly.

    Notes | All our Atmos clocks have been meticulously checked and any parts replaced when required during servicing. We ensure all the clocks work perfectly before placing them for sale. We do not spare expensive if parts are required, this includes every part down to the torsion wire and bellows. This ensures that all our clocks are guaranteed to run when purchased and correctly set up. All clocks will be sent with a step-by-step instruction guide on how to unpack and set correctly. We also offer in house servicing for all Atmos models so please do get in touch if you’re Atmos requires some attention. If you are looking to sell your Atmos clock or Atmos collection (working or not) please contact us via the contact us page where we will be more than happy to discuss purchase opportunities. For more information on the operation of Atmos clock see our article ‘The Clock That Runs On Air’.

    Warranty | All our Atmos clocks come with a three year warranty subject to T’s & C’s. For more information please see the FAQ page. and look for the ‘Do you provide warranty on your Atmos clocks? ‘ tab.

    Measurements | 23.5cm High x 21cm Wide x 16.5cm Deep

    Condition | Very Good, Small surface scratching to the bottom centre and a couple other places with blemishing.