Japanese Banko Duck Teapot


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Japanese stoneware Banko Wear teapot modelled as Baikal teal duck late Meiji. The teapot realistically modelled with a removable top lid to the centre section of the ducks back and spout mounted within the ducks mouth. Painted throughout the Baikal teal species with recognisable green around the head and eyes. Matching vibrant green reeds to the front making up the first handle with the ducks rear feathers making up the second.

Lot Notes: Banko ware (萬古焼, Banko-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery (Stoneware) traditionally from Yokkaichi, Mie, central Japan. It is therefore also known as Yokkaichi-Banko ware. It is believe to have originated in the 18th century by a wealthy merchant called ‘Nunami Rouzan’. He had a passion for ‘the way of the tea’ and created his own pottery to use for the teas. When others started to notice his creations, Banko ware was officially born. The name is derived from the phrase ‘Bankofueki’, which he would stamp on all his creations, meaning ‘eternity constancy’. With this, he hoped that his creations would be enjoyed for many generations to come. The most common products being teacups, teapots, vases and sake vessels all with close links to tea or liquid containers.

Condition: Very good, minor rubbing and general wear to the paint, No restoration or damage. Missing the original handle.

Measurements: 20.3cm Long x 9cm High x 8.5cm Wide