Japanese Bronze Rooster Figure


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Large Meiji period Japanese bronze rooster rested upon a barrel for the morning crow. Cast by bronze metal worker Kobayashi ZhaoYun and signed to the base of the barrel with a 3 character mark 照云作. To the left of the signature the model number for 27 二七. The figure split into three sections; the base, the barrel and the rooster, each held in place with strong bronze pegs. The bronze cast to a very high quality with immense detail displaying the feathers along with the wattles and comb around the head of the rooster. The barrel with wave drip detail to the outside, simulated rivets across the banding along with a twisted motif to the end of the barrel.

Lot Notes: Kobayashi Zhaoyun was a Meiji-Showa period metal artist with a high quality of work. He crafted pieces often in single or limited quantities. He specialised in bronze animals and decorative items.

Condition: Excellent original condition with very little cosmetic damage. Untouched externally only with wear from the age of the piece.

Measurements: 39cm High x 15.5cm Deep x 29cm W