Japanese Cloisonné Crane Vase

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Fine Japanese cloisonné vase decorate with a trio of cranes. The vase of ovoid shape with a slender pinched neck before reaching a flat top rim. Decorated from top to bottom with a trio of crane birds wired intricately with great detail displaying shades of white, grey, black and red. The birds laid on a deep black background. The base drilled to the centre likely over the original signature. The piece resembling striking features of that from the Hayashi Kodenji workshop and therefore attributed to the factory.

Lot Notes: Hayashi Kodenji was a renowned Japanese artist who was born in 1831 and died in 1915 just after the end of the Meiji period. While pieces made directly by Hayashi Kodenji are scarce objects, pieces crafted by the workshop of Hayashi Kodenji come to market occasionally with slightly lower price tags. The pieces commonly signed with a lozenge-seal of Hayashi Kodenji (a style of studio mark used by the workshop) along with Japanese Characters often representing the artist if not Hayashi Kodenji himself. Most recently pieces of work by Hayashi Kodenji have been exhibited at the county museum of art May 28.2017-February 04.2018 in the ‘Polished to Perfection; Japanese Cloisonné from the collection of Donald K. Gerber and Sueann E. Sherry.’ Also in the state hermitage museum St. Petersburg Russia November 12.2016-April 02.2017 ‘Perfections in Details. The Art of Japan in the Meiji period (1868-1912)’. Other fine examples can be viewed in leading auction houses Sotheby’s, Christies and Bonhams.

Lot Reference: For similar vases see Bonhams Fine Japanese Art 9th November 2017 Lot Number 206 and Bonhams Fine Japanese Art 10th November 2016 Lot 477. Note the base of the pair of vases with the central signature within the outlined manufactured circle.

Condition: Overall Excellent condition, minor pitting to the exterior, minor chipping with one small hairline crack across the neck horizontally (approximately 3cm in length). Very hard to detect visually.

Measurements: 24.7cm High x 12cm Wide