Japanese Cloisonne Goldstone Vase Pair

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Japanese cloisonné goldstone vase pair early 20th century. With globular bodies, a tapered stem neck into a flared opening. Intricately decorated with a base copper colour, specs of goldstone metallic enamel and further colours of green, blue and red. Decorated with flowers, butterflies and a circular vine formation amongst a background scrolling boarder. To the top rim and base a near matching angular boarder.

Lot Notes: Cloisonné decoration is formed by first adding compartments to the metal object by soldering very thin strips of silver or gold wires on their edges. These remain visible when the piece is finished, separating the different compartments of the enamel or inlays, which are often of several colours. Cloisonné enamel objects are worked on with enamel powder made into a paste, which then needs to be fired in a kiln, due to such intricate detailed work higher quality Cloisonné can often result in high prices in auctions.

Condition: Excellent.

Measurements: 16.5cm H x  6.5cm W x 6.5cm D