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    Japanese Komai style iron damascene dish. The dish decorated with a landscape scene worked in gold and silver nunomezogan on a matt black ground with a village scene and Mount Fuji rising through in the distance. Two figures walk towards the village with one upon horse back. Signed to the rear in both Kanji 惠 and script 長崎住安部作 Abe of Nagasaki for Abe Shorten.

    Notes | Abe was a manufacturer of damascene, tortoise-shell and lacquer wares from Nagasaki, Abe’s works are usually signed in a framed kanji 惠 or much less common together with a rectangle boarder like this plate, 長崎住安部作 made by Abe from Nagasaki, Japan. The damascene works of art are often confused with very similar works by Komai as they are both in the same style however the signature to the rear will determine the artist.

    Measurements | 1.5cm High x 15.2cm Diameter ( 0.59 x 5.98 Inches)

    Condition | Very Good – three pin head size bubbles to the top left front.

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