Japanese Shotai Jippo Plique-A-Jour Vase

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Fine Japanese cloisonné enamel plique-a-jour vase dating to the first half of the 20th century. The vase of ovoid form with a translucent composition boldly decorated with blossoming trees in vibrant colours. Silver rimmed at both the bottom and top and stamped to the base Japan.

Notes: Plique-a-jour, French for ‘letting in daylight’ is a enamelling technique similar to cloisonné, but without backing the finished product leaving it translucent. Also known as porcelain enamel it is a processed by fusing powdered glass to a substrate which melts and then hardens to a smooth durable coating called Vitreous enamel. In Japan the technique is known as Shotai-Jippo.

Measurements: 12cm High x 7cm Wide 

Condition: Excellent – no damage or restoration.