KPM Framed Porcelain Plaque


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Fine 19th century hand painted berlin porcelain plaque by KPM. The subject of the plaque after the famous painting of (Livinia) girl holding a basket of fruit by renaissance artist Tiziano Vecelli (Titan) held in the Gemaldegalerie, Berlin. The girl, wearing a dress made from a copper-coloured fabric has her back turned to the viewer and shows her face by looking over her shoulder. The shallow bowl containing the fruit is decorated with an interlocking curved pattern. The platter is held up to the level of the girl’s forehead by both of her hands. To the rear the plaque is impressed with the KPM mark and sceptre , 9 3/4, 7 3/8 and the letter K. The frame of plain wooden form with a detailed brass surround to the front.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 31.8cm H x 25.9cm W x 2cm D