Mintons Cupid Porcelain Charger

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Large late 19th century Mintons porcelain charger of cupid kneeling. The charger fitted to a wooden gilt surround displays a heavenly scene of cupid amongst a glorious floral background whilst picking flowers. Cupid’s arrow lays near the foreground. To the rear the plate is signed and embossed “Cupid original by M.E.W 1881” and “Mintons 14”.

Lot Notes: Mintons was a major company in Staffordshire pottery and was widely regarded as Europe’s leading ceramic factory during the Victorian era. Mintons were an independent business from 1793 to 1968. It was a leader in ceramic design working in a number of different ceramic bodies and decorative techniques. Rococo shapes with Oriental motifs, Classical shapes with Medieval designs and Art Nouveau borders were among the many wonderful concoctions. As well as pottery vessels and sculptures, the firm was a leading manufacturer of tiles and other architectural ceramics, producing work for both the Houses of Parliament and United States Capitol.

The family continued to control the business until the mid-20th century. Mintons had the usual Staffordshire variety of company and trading names over the years, and the products of all periods are generally referred to as either “Minton”, as in “Minton china”, or “Mintons”, the mark used on many. Mintons Ltd was the company name from 1879 onwards. 

Condition: Good-Very Good, rubbing to the frame with some chipping. Minor rubbing to the ceramic.

Measurements: 38.5cm H x 38.5cm W x 4.5cm D