Pirkenhammer Pierced Cabinet Charger


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19th Century Pirkenhammer decorative cabinet charger. The circular charger with gentle scalloped edge, highly decorative scrolling gilt artwork on top of the deep cobalt ground base glaze with multiple pierced sections bordering the centre scene. The main scene after Angelica Kauffmann showing Orpheus leading Eurydice holding a lyre following cupid bearing a flaming torch by A Louis Eckardt (active in Dresden in the late 19th century). The rear of the plate signed and embossed “Angelica Kauffmann Orpheus and Eurydice cop: by A.L Eckardt F&M9 and the Pirkenhammer crossed hammer logo to the centre.

Lot Notes: Pirkenhammer is a porcelain manufacture which started in 1803 by Friedrich Holke and Johann Gotlob List. The mark of the crossed hammers is the Pirkenhammer symbol.The factory was located in a Bohemian village Pirkenhammer (Czech Brezova) near Karlovy Vary also known as Karlsbad. Untill 1811 it operated as Friedrich Höcke manufactory. Throughout the years the company has been through several different owners and in tern business names however in 1918, the factory was incorporated to the Group “Epiag”.

In 1945 when the communist government nationalised all the Czecholslovakian porcelain factories. Pirkenhammer as Starorolský Porcelán and next Karlovarský Porcelána became a centre for research and development.Nowadays it acts as Manufaktura Pirkenhammer I.S. Original Porcelan Fabrik.

Green cross hammer Pirkenhammer logo used between 1873-1918

F&M – Fischer and Meig

Lot Reference: For other sold works by Pirkenhammer and A.L Eckardt see Bonhams Europe – Defining Style Sale 9th July 2015 Lot 203

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 23.9cm H/W x 1cm D