Sevres Porcelain Pill Box

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18th century cobalt blue Sevres porcelain pill box. The rectangular pill box with scrolling gilt decoration to every side topped by a painted landscape scene with a male by playing a mandolin serenading a female. To the base of the pill box the Sevres interlaced L’s mark and date letter P along with an old collectors sticker.

Lot Notes: Sèvres was the finest porcelain manufactory in Europe from the mid-eighteenth century. Known for its unrivalled techniques and complex methods of production, the factory produced rich and extravagant wares sought after by the wealthiest of patrons. Founded in 1740 in Vincennes France, with the aim of rivalling the popular imported porcelain productions of China, Japan and the Meissen factory in Germany. In 1756 it was relocated to the village of Sèvres. From the beginning, financial backing was provided by Louis XV (1710–1774), and by 1759 the manufactory was entirely owned by the monarch.

The factory ran as a highly professional and specialist organisation, using some of the country’s most talented artists and celebrated chemists. Each piece of porcelain passed through the hands of a thrower or moulder, sculptor of details and glaze painter, as well as specialist painters of flowers, landscapes or figures, and gilders. A soft-paste or ‘artificial’ porcelain was developed which was whiter and purer than any other French factory, and by mid-century Sèvres had become the leading producer in Europe. Hard-paste or ‘true’ porcelain, containing the essential ingredient kaolin, was first made at Sèvres in 1769. From the 1760s pieces often embellished with gilt bronze, which added to the opulence of the porcelain. Thus making it a highly desirable ornament for luxurious interiors. Sevres porcelain is very often marked with two blue-painted ‘interlaced’ Ls. This in turn often encloses a letter or double letter, which acts as a code for the year in which the piece was produced.

Condition: Good-Very Good, age related wear.

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Measurements: 3.8cm H x 8.8cm W x 6.2cm D