Silver Dutch Tobacco Pipe Multi Tool

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18th century silver Dutch tobacco pipe multi tool. The multi tool fitted with four pipe tools for cleaning and setting your pipe. Decorated with scrolling boarders down each side and designed to fold away for easy storage and pocket transport. Stamped with 3 different silver marks; four Rampant lions within a shield facing left representing the dutch town of Schoonhoven, date letter W for 1771 and a rubbed makers mark probably showing a hammer for maker Pieter Kuypers from Schoonhoven first registered in 1768.

Lot Notes: A pipe tool a small portable multi-tool used to aid packing, smoking, and emptying tobacco pipes. These tools can vary and some descriptions are below;

  • The pick is a narrow rod or pin that can be used to clear the shank of debris, or to aerate tightly packed tobacco. Because it is sharp it may scratch the bowl of a pipe, and so should not be used for scraping.
  • The reamer is a flat instrument shaped like a dull pen-knife blade or a flattened spoon, used to scrape ash and unburned tobacco off the pipe.
  • The tamper is a blunt instrument, either a simple dowel or shaped like the top of a nail, with a flat end for tamping down the tobacco when the bowl is being packed, and for crushing the ash together to aid relighting.
  • A pipe nail is a nail shaped tool with a tamper at one end and a reamer at the other.

Condition: Very good, untouched original condition with rubbing to the hallmarks all consistent with age.

Measurements: 8.4cm H x 4.6cm W x 1.7cm D