Swiss Black Forest Bear Musical Childs Chair


Weight Activated Music Box

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    Twin Bears

    From our Black Forrest collection, we are thrilled to offer this fine and rare Swiss Black Forest Bear carved musical child’s chair. The chair of beautiful form with twin bears standing up on two legs supporting the child’s seat with open arms having humorous expressions looking forward. The bears of exceptionally detailed carving with a realistic look as they peer forward with their tongues sticking out. The seat with hinged rear lifts to reveal the hidden music box beneath which activates when sat on. The back of the seat carved with floral sprays inside a linear boarder matching the base. The Black Forest Bear Childs chair dates to the late 19th century circa 1880.

    Black Forest is a term used to describe the elaborate, realistic carvings of a vast array of wooden pieces such as clocks and animals. Our Black Forest collection at Jacksons Antique features varying objects of highly desirable carvings such as woodland animal Tobacco Jars. Our aim is to supply that breathtaking piece of Black Forest to add that special edge to any collection or home.

    Commonly thought to originate from the Black Forest in Bavaria Germany, Black Forest carvings actually originate from Switzerland. The most recogniseable Black Forest carvings are usually bears carved amongst different pieces such as hat stands, tables and whimsical figures.  Black Forest products can also be seen carved into other forest wildlife as well as clocks, music boxes and furniture although these are more uncommon making them highly desirable.

    Black Forest items are usually very easy to identify due to the wood, colour and the subjects. Frequently the animals play instruments and can be incorporated into climbing trees, holding benches or begging as part of the Black Forest furniture. Each of the pieces are usually carved from a linden or walnut tree trunk and unsigned. However the earlier pieces can be seen to be signed by renowned carvers such as Johann Huggler and Ruef Brothers

    Measurements 46cm High x 59cm Wide x 30cm Deep – Seat Height 28cm (18.11 x 23.23 x 11.81 Inches 11.02 Seat Height)

    Condition Very Good

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