Swiss Black Forest Nobleman Tobacco Jar

Carved Wooden Tobacco Jar of a High Status Man

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    Fine and rare Swiss Black Forest carving of a Nobleman shaped as a tobacco jar. The Man stands proud with pipe in hand leaning on a walking cane dressed in high status attire. The carving is of exceptional detail showing the quality of the craftsman who originally made the tobacco jar with details to the face and the males clothing including buttons and chain. The jar is hinged at waistline of the figure and hinged back allowing access to the tobacco store. The tobacco jar is signed to the rear engraved into the base A. Carli and dates to the late 19th century circa 1880-90.

    Notes | Black Forest is a term used to describe the elaborate, realistic carvings of a vast array of wooden pieces such as clocks and animals. Our Black Forest collection at Jacksons Antique features varying objects of highly desirable carvings such as woodland animal Tobacco Jars. Our aim is to supply that breath taking piece of Black Forest to add that special edge to any collection or home.

    Commonly thought to originate from the Black Forest in Bavaria Germany, Black Forest carvings actually originate from Switzerland. The most recognisable Black Forest carvings are usually bears carved amongst different pieces such as hat stands, tables and whimsical figures.  Black Forest products can also be seen carved into other forest wildlife as well as clocks, music boxes and furniture although these are more uncommon making them highly desirable.

    Black Forest items are usually very easy to identify due to the wood, colour and the subjects. Frequently the animals play instruments and can be incorporated into climbing trees, holding benches or begging as part of the Black Forest furniture. Each of the pieces are usually carved from a linden or walnut tree trunk and unsigned. However, the earlier pieces can be seen to be signed by renowned carvers such as Johann Huggler and Ruef Brothers. For further information about Black Forest please see our article ‘A Well Carved Lesson‘.

    Measurements | 37cm High x 20.5cm Wide x 14cm (14.5 x 8 x 5.5 Inches approximately)

    Condition | Very Good – Excellent