Thomas Cartier Bronze Cat

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First quarter 20th century French bronze of a playing cat signed Thomas Cartier. The cat with gilded exterior playing with its paw out touching a bell upon a green marble base. The bronze of excellent presentation and signed initially by Thomas Cartier and further by the renowned foundry Siot Paris.

Lot Notes: Thomas François Cartier was a French sculptor born in Marseille in 1879 and passed away in 1943. He studied under the the grand influence of Georges Gardet in which he became a late practitioner in the animalier style. Cartier specialised in model sized animal sculptures and in particular focused his works on cats and dogs. Often his sculptures can be seen featured upon clocks and similar objects. Cartier began exhibiting his works of art at the Salon in 1904 and continued to do so throughout his life’s work. He received a honourable mention in the Salon of 1908 and a gold medal in 1927.

Siot (Siot-Decauville) refers to the renowned French art foundry which opened its doors in rue Villehardouin, Paris active between the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. In 1920 the foundry moved to avenue Victor-Emmanuel III in Paris. The foundry also had an exhibition hall first located on boulevard des Italians, then at 24 boulevard des Capucines in Paris. They specialised in high quality castings of which can be viewed throughout the world. For examples of pieces cast by Siot please see Christies sale 8023, The Opulent Eye – 500 Years of Decorative Arts Europe, 22nd September 2011, Lot 144 and Christies sale 5959, Christies Interiors, 10th August 2012, Lot 605 for a piece by Georges Gardet and Siot.

Condition: Very Good, the bronze in untouched original condition. The marble with restoration due to cracking which can be viewed from below. Replacement screw to the centre.

Measurements: 20cm Length x 7.5 Width x 9cm Height