Zsolnay Pierced Porcelain Ewer


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Hungarian porcelain Zsolnay ewer extensively decorated in the typical Zsolnay form. The bulbous shaped ewer with a spiked looped handle, pierced heart shaped decoration on the outside with the globular body stemming into a tubular tapered neck with flared mouth. Crackle glazed throughout with cream and reddish colours. Stamped to the base.

Lot Notes: Miklós Zsolnay (1800–1880) was the founder of Zsolnay in Pécs, Hungary originally the company produced stoneware and ceramics. In 1863 Vilmos Zsolnay (1828–1900) the son of Miklós Zsolnay joined the company and eventually become the director to which he led the factory to worldwide recognition by demonstrating its innovative products at world fairs and international exhibitions. This included the 1873 World Fair in Vienna and the 1878 World Fair in Paris where Zsolnay received a Grand Prix. In 1893, Zsolnay introduced porcelain pieces made of eosin. In 1900 Vilmos’ son Miklós took over. Frost-resisting Zsolnay building decorations were used in numerous buildings specifically during the Art Nouveau movement. By 1914, Zsolnay was the largest company in Austro-Hungary.

During World War II, its site of production in Budapest was bombed. With the rule of communism the factory was nationalized in 1948. Eventually, the Zsolnay name was dropped. The Pécsi Porcelángyár(Pécs Porcelain Factory) was used primarily to produce common tableware goods. However, in 1982 with the resumption of a market economy, the company regained its operational independence, was reorganized, and the Zsolnay name returned. In 1991, the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture became a stock company, and five years later it was bought by a private equity enterprise.

In September 2008 a contract was concluded with the Swedish company, IKEA. According to the contract, Zsolnay will deliver 5,000 tonnes of ceramics per year from September 2009. This deal will triple the sales of Ft 1,1 billion (€4,4 million) for Zsolnay.

Condition: Good-Very Good, chip to the rim, manufacture firing faults to glazing around pierced decoration and handle.
Measurements: 27.5cm H x 18cm W x 17cm D